April 11


10 Tips To Rank On Local Listings Without Breaking The Bank

By Staff Writer

April 11, 2021

While digital platforms extend reach for your business, the fact is that most of the searches for products and services focus on local companies. About half of all local searches result in people visiting the physical location within 24 hours. This only reinforces the strength of listing your business locally, and most small companies should make this their high priority in search engine optimization. The challenge is always staying with the budget, so utilize customer reviews, quality videos and photos and claim your location on maps by Google.

Key Takeaways:

  • There are some companies that try to get reviews using incentives but instead you can just opt to honestly ask for feedback from your customers.
  • Signing up for your Google Maps location can help you rank higher in local listings as well. Use your real telephone number so Google sees your business as trustworthy.
  • Write content that has to do with your local area. These local keywords will improve your position while you can optimize your Titles and Tags.

“You know what local directory listings are so it’s time to figure how to rank higher than your competitors.”

Read more: https://www.myfrugalbusiness.com/2020/12/tips-rank-on-local-listings-google-seo.html

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