December 15


22nd Street Coffee in Ybor City

By John Kuder

December 15, 2021

After my mapping program took us to the back of the property where there was no entrance, we pulled into the private fenced lot of 22nd Street Coffee. They are located at the NW corner of the Palmetto Beach neighborhood, between Ybor City and Port Tampa.

This is definitely a destination coffee shop and worth the small extra drive. There’s plenty of indoor and outdoor seating and a very attentive staff. The space is bright and cheerful, with lots of coffee education on the walls. Bags of beans and roasters decorate the area near the counter.

Interior mural
Entry and counter

22nd Street Coffee is owned by the Brisk Coffee company, which is headquartered nearby. Brisk has been roasting and selling coffee commercially in Tampa since 1968, making them the 2nd oldest roaster in Tampa, after Naviera Mills (1921).

The fact that most of the articles I’ve read about the Tampa coffee culture have overlooked Brisk and 22nd Street is a clear mistake. These folks know coffee!

When I asked what the house specialty is, I was surprised when the manager told me it was their Cafe Con Leche. So I ordered one and it was very good.

I also bought a bag of their medium roast whole beans and am loving those at home. I recommend a visit to 22nd Street Coffee. Let me know how it goes in the comments below.

The food menu includes a few breakfast & lunch items plus some baked goods. They close at 2 pm.

Domino table

Indoor seating? Yes

Food service? Yes

Whole beans for sale? Yes

Roaster? Yes

Location: 402 N. 22nd St., Tampa, FL 33605

For purists: Fresh roasted beans

Website: https://22ndstreetcoffee.com

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/22ndStreetcoffee/

Instagram https://www.instagram.com/22ndstreetcoffee/

John Kuder

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