About Us

A Kind Of Coaching You've (Probably) Never Heard Of That Gets Results You've Never Dreamt Of.

John and Connie Kuder

We don't tell you how to run your business. That's not coaching!

You deserve simple skills that you can use to solve any problem... manage any situation... and do it faster than you thought possible.

It's not setting bigger goals and it's not building a powerful mindset...

Those are both dead ends.

We All Get Stuck

Maybe you don't call it that, but... 

If there's something that you want to change, you've tried to change it, and it's still there, we call that "stuck".

It might feel like you've tried everything and don't know what to do next.

You've read books, bought courses, attended seminars. Maybe you've hired coaches or consultants.

They all felt like they were going to make a difference.

You did your best to implement what they taught, but it wasn't long before you realized that time had passed and things were the same as they were before your latest attempt.

This was us for the last 30 years,..

until we found a new approach.


The tools we'll use and share with you have been developed, refined, and "battle tested" over the last 40 years under the most demanding social services conditions, with lives at stake. They just work!


Decades of research and development in Alberta, Canada led to the development of a completely new category of frameworks that get immediate results that last a lifetime.


We are among the first group of coaches to be trained and certified in the latest refinements of this formerly trade-secret technology.  No other business coaches have these skills.

About Us

Picture of Connie Kuder

Connie Kuder

Mind Model™️ COach

Thirteenth generation born on a family farm in central Ohio. Deep knowledge of the struggles facing families in agriculture. Highly skilled at evaluating customer experience. Great listener, true friend.

Picture of John Kuder

John Kuder

Mind Model™️ Coach, Social Media Strategist

Thirty year career as 3rd generation in family citrus and cattle business. Lived next door to my parents on the family property for 20 of those years. Expert at Mind Model™️ Coaching, Social Media Strategy, Microsoft Office, process design and improvement, technology simplification and more. Loyal to a fault.

Some things to know about us...

Our primary values are Integrity, Compassion, and Curiosity

Between us we’ve:

  • Done every dirty job on an egg farm (you DON’T want details)
  • Dug ditches, worked construction, laid sod, hung ceiling fans, worked retail, data entry, phone support, tech support
  • Raised cats, dogs, ducks, gerbils, and two amazing sons!
  • Lived in both a trailer and a mansion and all the in-between
  • Had a ball at the bowling alley and also at the country club

Our inner circle has included mental illness, special needs, neuro-degenerative disorders, depression, and a ton of alcoholism.

It also included genius, heroism, and plain-old good people.

We’ve lived thru triumphs & tragedy, depression and elations and lots of day-to-day grind.

 Between us, we have pretty much lived it all, survived it all, and can relate to almost anyone.

We were the first guests on this new podcast, presented by fellow coach Aylin Webb, who specializes in helping women overcome perfectionism anxiety and distress. Listen (below) or watch (below that) and get to know us.

We were also guests on Ann Carden's Expert In You podcast.

What Others Say...

Blair Dunkley

Blair Dunkley

I have worked closely with John on a weekly basis for over four years. He began as a student of my work and I watched him transform himself in record time as he diligently applied what he learned in our weekly group classes. I affectionately labeled him the "poster child" for my work.

John and his wife Connie became two of the first group of Mind Model Method Coaches that I trained and licensed in my proprietary methods. He was a natural leader within that group and his leadership has grown as he attended multiple additional training classes and helped me conduct them. John plays a pivotal role in planning and delivering my weekly training curriculum.

I have also been supported personally by John during one of the most difficult times in my life, as well as the isolation of the COVID lockdown. John was a constant amid the tumultuous change and uncertainty. He quickly became a trusted confidant, as well as my part-time coach when I needed it. (As a master coach trainer, I might not be the easiest client to work with.)

Due to his deep experience and remarkable ability to build trust, John's expertise in family businesses fits perfectly. While guiding his clients through these times of discomfort and change, he holds them safely accountable for their own journey of discovery.

I give John my highest recommendation and best wishes!

My husband and I worked for 15 years in a business with family. He chose to transition out of it when he felt unheard and discovered he had slowly evolved into a role not within his strengths.

It was draining him and impacting marriage and family relationships at home. Using the skill sets John and Connie effectively apply to business, we now have a culture of humor and acceptance within our marriage, family, and business.

Supported by the Mind Model Method™ skills, we navigate new challenges and keep moving forward. We both still check in with John and Connie for periodic tune-ups and feedback.

Their presence in our lives provides ongoing value; an unexpected benefit we did not see coming when we began working with them. 

We comfortably recommend them as coaches. They work with care, concern and understanding, skillfully guiding a non-judgmental process toward discovery and resourcefulness. 

Pat M. - Business Owner

Katryna G., Coach and Physical Therapist

Rob Friesen

Rob F.

I am grateful to have met John Kuder.  He has been a tremendous help to Bright Traders, furthering their careers by increasing their odds of success through education, tools, and support. Many owe the success of their careers to John Kuder. 

Beyond his great personality and good nature, John has many talents in the areas of research, implementation, designing tools for others, and producing professional content. He is an excellent communicator, detail-oriented, and is a thorough project manager. He will accomplish tasks with passion and perseverance.

John is firstly a value provider with true care and concern for the individual's unique situation. He is well-spoken, patient, and kind to each person he works with, all in an effort to have every individual take ownership of their tools and become confident using them.  John’s methods are structured and detailed and his mentoring style is outstanding.   

Rob F. ‧ CEO, Bright Trading, LLC

Brandy S., Internet Marketing Coach

Jay W.

Equities Trader

John is a very thoughtful and caring teacher, always concerned with the progress of those he instructs, and extremely patient in working through any questions his students may have.  

He is especially proficient with technology, and has the ability to empathize with those who may be struggling with that area, making you feel that you are speaking with someone who truly understands your frustrations.

Picture of Maria

John was a member of one of my company wide implementation teams for a critical program rollout. His technology skills, knowledge of process improvement and leadership ability to influence others were exemplary. John collaborated with stakeholders across the country to enable our program execution and success. I would always appreciate an opportunity to engage John in the future.

Maria B. ‧ LSSMBB

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