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Joffrey’s At Midtown

Written by John Kuder

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Joffrey’s At Midtown is the company’s first venture back into coffee shop management in Tampa in many years. The flagship Midtown store will be the only location in Tampa. Their only other company-owned cafe is in Disney Springs.

What makes them unique:

  • They are the 3rd oldest roaster in Tampa (1984), after Naviera Mills (1921) and Brisk (1968).
  • They are the official specialty coffee of Disney properties

Specialty drinks: 

  • Lavender Dreams latte
  • SHAKIN’ JAMAICAN™ cold brew
  • Frozen Kona Mocha

They have an extensive drink menu, including beer and wine, and a few food items – mostly pastries. You can also purchase a wide assortment of coffees, both flavored and whole bean blends and some single varietals.

One of their signature drinks is the Lavender Dreams latte. I love lavender and I tried this drink first. It was delicious! If you like lavender, get it. I also bought a bag of the Cigar City blend and I’m grinding them every morning right now.

Coffee beans for sale

Joffrey’s may be best known by the public for being the official specialty coffee of Disney World, Disneyland, and Disney Vacation Clubs since 2012. They operate more than 20 kiosks around Disney World — where they serve up hot and iced coffees, lattes, specialty drinks and teas — plus a full-size café at Disney Springs.”

The first Joffrey’s kiosk opened in Disney World in 1994. In 1997, the espresso contract came up for bid and Disney held a blind taste test. Joffrey’s won that test and has continued to win it ever since.

It’s amusing to note that there are also two Starbucks kiosks in Disney Springs. The Disney folks are smart enough not to try to force their guests to change brands. 

When CEO Ted Abrams came aboard in 2001, the company was losing money and he was given a year to turn it around. He closed the coffee shops and focused on the core strength of roasting. The company returned to profitability in 7 months and has continued to prosper. They saw 35% growth in 2021 and expect to repeat that in 2022.

In a Nov. 2021 video interview, Abrams clarifies that he doesn’t consider Starbucks as Joffrey’s competition. He says, “…we don’t play in their space, their space being the retail locations. Our forte is in that wholesale, the distribution, roasting packaging… “ He says that Joffrey’s wins out in the office coffee service and restaurant service arenas 99% of the time.

Joffrey’s has 100 different coffees to choose from, so there is something for anyone who enjoys coffee.

Interior of Joffrey's At Midtown

Indoor seating? Yes

Food service? Yes

Whole beans for sale? Yes

Roaster? Yes

Location: 3655 Midtown Dr., Tampa, FL 33607

For purists: Cafe Feminino Organic 







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