October 24


Caffeine Roasters on Kennedy

By John Kuder

October 24, 2021

Caffeine Roasters second Tampa coffee shop is strategically located at the corner of Kennedy Ave. and Armenia in South Tampa. This location means plenty of traffic for the drive through of this Tampa coffee roaster.

What makes them unique:

  • Drive through with full coffee and food menu
  • Choice of cold brew or cold drip

Signature drinks:

Orange Cold Brew
Aero Cappuccino
Sparkling Coffee (Ginger ale adds the sparkle)
Ginger Spice Latte

At the height of the morning rush, just before 9 am, when the drive through line was almost to the street, the feeling inside Caffeine was calm and serene. Patrons lounged and sipped or worked on their laptops. 

Two employees bustled behind the counter filling orders, but didn’t seem rushed. It’s a place I could be happy meeting a friend at.

Caffeine Roasters was launched in downtown Tampa in 2016 by four friends who wanted to make specialty coffee more accessible in Tampa. 

More accessible in terms of what they call a “democratic approach” to specialty coffee, which I take to mean sharing what they think makes the best of the beans without holding themselves out as know-it-alls who tell people what they should like.

More accessible also in the form of a drive thru serving a full range of specialty drinks and food.

They call their Kennedy Ave. location that I visited “The Mothership.” I haven’t been to their original Cass St. location, but I suspect it is smaller.

Caffeine Roasters sales counter

I have tried the Ginger Spice Latte, which has an added spicy kick of jalapeno. It was almost too spicy for me, but I would try it again before giving up, because I love ginger.

I also had a plain cup of house coffee. I found it very smooth and rich. It made me want to buy some beans next time.

Check it out for yourself and leave me a comment below with what you like best.

More details:

  • Indoor seating? Yes, about 40 seats
  • Food service? Yes, breakfast and lunch
  • Whole beans for sale? Yes
  • Also a roaster? Yes

Location(s): 2420 W Kennedy and 212 E Cass St


John Kuder

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John is certified as a Mind Model Method Coach, Platinum Business Coach, Microsoft Office Specialist 2016 Master, CIW Certified Instructor, and holds many other certifications. He enjoys photography and gardening when he isn't buried neck-deep in a computer.

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