September 19


The Amazing History of Mind Models

By John Kuder

September 19, 2022

From research to help prisoners re-enter society successfully to last-chance mental health support, the history of Mind Models is a noble journey of discovery and human empowerment.

In this second interview with me, Blair Dunkley tells the story of how Mind Models were developed. When you know the history of Mind Models, you can't help having a sense of confidence in them, because they have worked so well for so long.

Even though you might not have heard of them (until now), they have been in use for over 40 years in some very challenging situations.

If you haven't watched the first interview, What are Mind Models?, here is a link:  https://kuderconsultinggroup.com/what...

00:00 Introduction

02:58 Staff burnout

05:55 Blair's lightbulb moment

07:29 Mind Model testing criteria

09:21 How to improve results

10:56 "Will it work for me?"

12:32 Not about solutions

15:41 Success stories

17:35 Where do they apply?

John Kuder

About the author

John is certified as a Mind Model Method Coach, Platinum Business Coach, Microsoft Office Specialist 2016 Master, CIW Certified Instructor, and holds many other certifications. He enjoys photography and gardening when he isn't buried neck-deep in a computer.

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