Inconsistency is a form of self-sabotage! 

Stop that!

Have you measured the cost of not being consistent?

Are you ready to be more consistent doing the things that you already know will lead to more income and growth? 

Want A Recipe For Success?

Consistency Is The Secret Ingredient

Research Supported

Multiple studies have shown that regular support which includes progress monitoring significantly improves the odds of success. We structure the support to your needs.


Progress toward a desired result is one of the most motivating factors in life. Even when the progress is only meaningless points in a video game, we get excited.

Measurement Matters

Choosing what to measure and how to measure it is a key component. Often, the harder something is to measure, the more likely we are to dismiss it as unimportant.

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We use our experience to create yours

There is a lot of emphasis on mindset and limiting beliefs these days. While they clearly play a part, they are't the ideal place to start.

Limiting beliefs can be very tricky to uncover. They are often quite unconscious and disguised as something else.  Once discovered, they don't just evaporate like dew in the sunlight. 

We say "to hell with chasing limiting beliefs! Let's talk about something we can see and exercise control over."

What are your limiting habits? What do you do, or not do, that consistently slows you down? (Not doing is a habit too!)

A belief that you can't do something has to dissolve when you see yourself do it.


What does it look like to get consistency support?

First of all, it will be about you doing more of what you already know how to do that works. You probably don't have to try very hard to think of a couple things you're letting slide.

We meet to clarify your needs. Then we decide together where to start and what to track. We have weekly check-in calls to measure and celebrate progress. We adjust as necessary. We keep it that simple.

Group calls add multiple benefits: community support, mastermind problem-solving, and new perspectives

Pricing Plans


What you need to create a habit of consistency in your business.



What's included

  • 1 60-min. setup call to define the specifics
  • Weekly 1:1 15-min. call with your coach
  • Private account on our coaching portal
  • Weekly 30-min. Group Q&A calls
  • Compare at $400/mo.
gold seal labeled 100% satisfaction guarantee

30-Day Money Back Guarantee

Work with us for a full 30 days to create a  level of consistency that promises to generate a huge return on your investment.

We're making it a risk-free opportunity. 


Check what our clients say about us

I met with John Kuder several times for some concentrated career coaching and technology skill building. He was very patient and thorough in his approach. As a result, I feel much more self-confident in my skills and my ability to apply them to advance my career.

Aisha Omaghomi

Corporate Admin

I am thankful for the ability to help me become resourceful by asking me questions so that I am able to figure out what I might do and then evaluate those results. In six months I was able to reach the same revenue I had from last year.

Brent Wisniewski


When I started working with John and Connie, I was focused on figuring out my career/business options. Their holistic approach opened my eyes and helped me realize that the other areas of my life were affecting my decisions which kept me stuck for a long time. They helped me tremendously and I highly recommend them!

Katryna Goodman

Physical Therapist

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