Totally Customized Family Business Problem Solving

Your Family Business Problems Are Unique. So Why Buy One-Size-Fits-All Solutions?
Let us help you use what you already know, in a new way, to make a big difference.

Things are changing faster than ever. It's frustrating.

Find out why we call ourselves Family Business Frustration Removers
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Who We Are

We're John and Connie Kuder. We both come from small family businesses and we've spent our lives working in them, both as owners and consultants.

We've "been there and done that", so we know how great it can be in the best times and how hard it can be at other times.

Our mission is to help others avoid the frustration and hurt that we experienced from not knowing how to manage the family drama and its effect on the business.
Rob Friesen
John is firstly a value provider with true care and concern for the individual’s unique situation.
Rob Friesen
President, Bright Trading
John has the ability to empathize with those who may be struggling... making them feel they are speaking with someone who truly understands their frustrations.
Equities Trader
Using the skill sets John and Connie effectively apply to business, we now have a culture of humor and acceptance within our marriage, family, and business.
Pat M.
Blair Dunkley
Due to his deep experience and remarkable ability to build trust, John’s expertise in family businesses fits perfectly.
Blair Dunkley
Master Coach Trainer

Some Of The Ways We Can Help You

Consistency Support

You know what works and you're doing it, but you also lose focus and do less than your best. We can help you stay on track.
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Professional Sounding Board

The easiest way to "take us for a test drive." Let us help you clarify your thinking in a conversation you could only have with us.
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Individual "Coach-ulting"

A blend of coaching and consulting completely focused on your needs as an individual; a transformative experience unlike any other.
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