Small Family Business Specialists

John and Connie Kuder, family business strategists and transformational coaches

John And Connie Kuder - Family Business Frustration Removers

We don't tell you how to run your business...

We help you clear the mine field!

We enable small family business owners to separate the family drama from business operations,

so they can live a full and happy life inside and outside the business.

Whether it's working too many hours, wearing too many hats, or dealing with any of a hundred other things you never expected to come up, it's not what you dreamt of when you started. Maybe your dream has even turned into a nightmare!

 We're not going to "fix" your business because it isn't broken… and neither are you.

 We can help clear the mine field, strengthen relationships, and accelerate your business and personal growth, because they go together. Your business grows in direct proportion to your personal growth.

 Choose your adventure! You can do the inner work consciously and intentionally on your own terms, or you can let the Universe surprise you.

 We shine a light on the invisible obvious things that 99% of people overlook. Invisible because they don't seem worth noticing…

 Would you like to UN-complicate your life?

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