Common Questions About Coaching

Even though different kinds of coaches are common these days, if you haven't worked with a coach or explored the possibility, you might not be clear on what coaching is and is not.

How Do I Know When I Need A Coach?

If you feel stuck in any way, a coach could help now. If you're desperate, you knew a while ago.

Coaching is one of the tools that successful people use to get more successful. Jack Welch, CEO of General Electric, had a coach for most of his time there.

What Is The Difference Between Coaching and Consulting?

Although they may be blended in practice, they are not the same.

Coaching is a guided process of self-discovery through skilled questioning. Consulting ranges from done-for-you solutions to what we do: collaborative problem-solving.

What Is The Difference Between Coaching And Therapy?

They are very different and should not be blended or confused with one another.

Coaching is primarily focused on moving forward toward one or more desired results and how to get there. It is about improving performance. Therapy is more focused on dealing with some past or current trauma. Therapy falls into the medically necessary category and requires a licensed professional.

What Is The Difference Between Coaching And Training?

Our private coaching involves some experiential skills training

Coaching is usually a lot more asking and the client does most of the talking. Training usually involves more showing and telling in the process of knowledge transfer, plus skills practice for the learner.

What Is The Difference Between Coaching And Mentoring?

A Mentor is usually a volunteer sharing their wisdom.

Coaches do not need to be an expert in the clients field. They work with the knowledge and resources available to the client. Mentorship usually involves an expert in a particular field or skillset giving advice, guidance, and encouragement to someone with much less experience. 

What Is The Difference Between A Business Coach And A Life Coach?

A business coach may include some life coaching, but a life coach will not usually include business coaching.

Life Coaches usually work with their clients to improve the areas of their life outside their work life. Career Coaches help professionals design and navigate an intentional career path. Business Coaches help business owners grow and improve their businesses, which may include their activities outside the business.