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The biggest mistake business owners make when seeking a coach

Written by John Kuder

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The biggest mistake business owners make when seeking a coach is thinking that they need the coach to be an expert who can give them the answers to their problems.

They may even want the coach to do the work for them. That’s what they hire employees for – to do the work that they are too busy to do themselves, right?

While this approach might seem to save time and would almost certainly be more convenient, it is not what a true coach does. This would be a form of consulting.

You hire a coach to help you grow or improve in some way. A coaches primary job is to guide the client along a journey of discovery. They ask a lot of questions that cause the client to think about their problems in new ways.

Many coaches have business experience, but they do not come prepared to run your business for you. They don’t need to become an expert in your business. They become an expert in you.

Visit our FAQ page for more clarity on coaching: https://kuderconsultinggroup.com/faq/

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