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Marketing might seem like something that is evil and just as a way to make money, this is part of it, but there is so much more to marketing than that. You can become so good at marketing to the right people that it doesn’t feel like marketing, it feels like you are introducing a product to someone that they could actually use. People can create a lot of great things that you need, but without marketing you wouldn’t know it exists.

Key Takeaways:

  • marketing can help potential customers learn about a new product that’s worth considering.
  • What’s just as dangerous is buying something sub-optimal based on marketing’s having identified and played on your hot buttons diverts you from considering all the key factors.
  • Unless a company has a clearly superior product, the firm’s advertising tends to avoid the product’s substance and, instead, creates an image—sizzle not steak.

“Bad marketing, either the evil, manipulative kind or the well-intentioned, but poor-performing kind, tends to leave a more memorable impression than the good, effective varieties.”

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