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Where did the “See First” setting go?

Written by John Kuder

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Where did the “See First” setting go?

I have a question. What’s that? You know, we had this whole thing about, you know, liking pages and things like that and… is it going away?

Kinda. Okay. Yes. Can you explain it to me?, Yes. So we’ve been telling people for a couple years, you know, like our page. Yeah, and that automatically also sets something called Following, so if you’re… if you’re on a business page, liking and following are separate… have been… Facebook’s changing that.

The other thing we were doing is, once people were following us, we were saying, “Hey, go to the… go to the Following button. There’s a little drop down next to it and click that, and there’s this thing called “See First” and that lets people see more. It prioritizes that page in your feed so you see more of that posts, okay, So more of that person’s posts, or business, or whatever. yeah we’re talking mainly about Pages. Okay, so that’s, that’s also, that hasn’t gone away but it’s changed and it’s moved. So, so here we go.

Okay, where has it moved to? First of all, Facebook has said that they are doing away with the Likes button for pages. They’re gonna just collapse Likes and Following into Followers and that’s all, so you’re either following a page or not. It’s a transition that’s slowly happening, I’m not seeing it yet. No, ’cause I just liked a whole bunch on my iPhone. Yeah, yeah so it’s easy to… Right now, if you’re still seeing “Like”, great! I think they’ll just transfer it over; I don’t know. But, when you want to see more of something… Okay… that’s what’s changed. It’s changed off the page. You used to go into the page and do that individually. And that’s not happening now. So what… that… where they’ve moved that to is a list called Favorites. And where do you find that it depends on the platform; which version of Facebook you’re looking at. If you’re on your desktop, you’ve got your phone, or your tablet, they’re each a little bit different.

So, okay, desktop: in the desktop. If you go to your home. You know, you’re basically the home button you know your your main newsfeed. Over on the left, you’ve had a list of a whole bunch of stuff that you can choose from and favorites is one of them. So that’s pretty easy; you just click favorites and what it shows you is things that you’ve already marked as Favorites and then below that shows you a list, a list, and it’s either friends or pages (there’s a tab at the top) and then you can add those to your list of favorites. And what it does is… they’ve taken away a little bit of control in that you can’t see everything that somebody posts but you, you’re asking, Facebook to prioritize it even more.

Okay, the fact that you’ve liked it or you’re following it, a page is already prioritizing, putting it in your favorites is prioritizing it even more. Okay, So, that’s how you do it on desktop. Okay. On the phone, when you scroll in your newsfeed when you scroll up, or sorry well further down the page, so you’re swiping up, and then you pull it back a little bit up at the top, you’ll suddenly see Home, Favorites, and something else; I’ve just forgotten the something else. Okay, so if you just tap on the Favorites, right underneath that, then you’ll see “Manage Favorites”, and it’s got a little right arrow, tap that and now you’re looking at that same list of favorites. Okay, okay, so you’re gonna see people you’ve already… people and pages you’ve already listed as your favorites. And then below that is where you can add. Okay? Okay. So, on the phone, it’s, it’s, it’s in a different place, but you still get to it.

Okay, the iPad, you actually have to go into your preferences, your Settings preferences, your Newsfeed preferences, and then it’s listed there as Favorites. Okay, three different platforms three different ways to set it. Oh, thank you. So, if this is helpful, please let us know. Yeah, we’re John and Connie Kuder, Kuder Consulting Group, by the way, and if this, if there’s some other aspect of Facebook that you’re unclear about or would like… or “Ready to pull your hair out over”, leave us a comment; ask a question in the comments, we’ll try to, you know, address that.

Because we’ve got some more topics and we’re going to be getting to as as time goes on. Yeah, we’ve had some interesting experiences, Facebook ads is, you know, for businesses especially, if they’re going to run ads, there’s, there’s a bunch of stuff to know, but for also for individuals that when you, there’s a way that you can tell Facebook a lot about what you are interested in. They collect data, but there’s a, there’s a place that you can actually see what what they’ve got as a list of your interests and you can say no, I’m not interested in that, no, nope. yeah

So I did that and I found out that they had me in all sorts of stuff, you know. Right. You can also see a list of all the ads that you’ve clicked on in the last, you know… recently, they don’t tell you how long. So anyway, there’s, there’s a ton of transparency that Facebook has added to the, you know, to the platform and we’d love to get into that, and also to help businesses like us stay compliant with the Facebook ad policies because it’s, you can cross lines, I found the hard way, it’s very easy to cross a line that I didn’t know there was a line there. So, anyway, you know, having said that, how about follow, like or follow our page. So and set us as a favorite so you see more of our stuff, and we’ll see in a future video. Thanks. Thanks.

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